Okay, this is pretty much the worst thing of all time. And I’m not talking about the product itself, although this contraption is certainly the second worst thing of all time, and yet another confirmation why all dog people are evil. No, I’m talking about the name. Poo Trap? That’s all you could come up with? What about Doggie Don’t? Or even Poo-B-Gone? Or what about Baggy of Your Hapless Dog’s Butt Mustard? But yeah, that last one’s a mouthful (not literally).

But surprise — it’s a Japanese product. Which only partially excuses the horrible name. Nothing will ever exempt this hilariously painful promo ad, however.

It’s a virtual monsoon outside. A monsoon, I tell you.


4 thoughts on “Monsoon

  1. It says “Even children can use the Poo Trap” but it doesn’t show them using it. Much less messy than diapers, I would imagine.

  2. I am glad I wasn’t part of that R&D department. After all, Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before getting the light bulb right. I can hear that girl now, “Oh no, the poo didn’t fall into the bag.” Or, “Man, the poo got on my hand again. Back to the drawing board.”

  3. I love the invention, think that it’ll help you lazy guys not cleaning up ur own dog.

  4. But to use it properly, you have to strap it on the poor animal each and every time you take your dog out for a walk — which would require way more work and energy than just picking up a turd with a bag. Whatever. Cats rule.

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