As I awesomely predicted way back in January, Michigan State has made it to the national championship game, which will be played tomorrow night at 9pm. To get here, they had to oust two number-one seeds from the predictably overrated Big East, Louisville and Connecticut, neither of which had the stamina or smarts to hang with State. North Carolina will be much different; they are this tournament’s equivalent of an obese drunk at an all-you-can-eat chili festival.

Win or lose, tomorrow will be a banner day for this sports-loving goon, who grew up on the west side of Michigan during the Magic Johnson era and attended MSU freshman year and who anticipates baseball’s opening day — also tomorrow! — as if it were a phone call from the producers of Jeopardy! informing me that I’ve made it on the show. (Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet, because I am dumb.) I’m not sure I could have scripted it better: MSU on the big screen at the bar battling for the national championship, the Detroit Tigers on another screen playing their first game of the year. I’d gladly pay them Tuesday for victories tomorrow.

Yes, I am a geek.

I wish I were in Michigan.


11 thoughts on “Chili

  1. GO STATE. John you are here in spirit and I know what you mean about Magic Johnson nostalgia and MSU. While I hate the LOOOONG winters and the economy is not so good here, its a great day to be a dweller in this beautiful state!

    Please don’t hold MSU responsible for your inability to be on Jeopardy (ha). Seriously though . . . we’ve still got it up here . . . SKILLS.

  2. I went to a live audition for Jeopardy yesterday in DC. Contrary to popular belief, they do not let you on the show just because you were the 17th person in line out of 2000.

  3. Dude, the Twins are going to dominate the Tigers this year. Mark my words.

    Regardless of how any team plays, I’m excited for baseball starting. I’m heading to the Metrodome in Minneapolis tonight for the first game of the season live. Awesome.

  4. MistakenIDinMI — Michigan will rise again!

    Bradford – ha.

    Benjamin — You are wrong; the Twins suck sweet monkey ass. But have fun at the game, at which the Mariners will deliver a major smackdown. Three homers for Griffey! (Trash talk rules.)

    ArtWint — I sort of wish the game was just Izzo vs. Roy Williams in a game of HORSE. Izzo has skills; Roy Williams looks like he just walked out of a chemistry lab.

  5. Griffey only got 1 homer…but yeah the Twins totally got nailed to the wall 6-1. Lame. It’s ok, we’ll be a force and the Tigers will wimper like…uhhh…crap…I’m not very good at this trash talk thing.

  6. State played tough last weekend for sure, they were just much much quicker against UConn. Last night though, I was really disappointed. They had no answers.

    Go Rays!

  7. I need to step it up on the blog, for sure. Soon!

    MSU did get run out of the building on Monday. But it’s still hard to be disappointed. They dominated UConn and Louisville and made it to the final — fun times.

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