So, George W. Bush apparently left a note on the Oval Office desk for Barack Obama. Here is what I think the letter says:

Hey Barack —

The whoopee cushions are in the bottom drawer. Enjoy!

Your pal,

It’s pretty hard to be angry today. But I just discovered a Facebook page dedicated to me and cringed — at both the existence of the page itself and at the shockingly low number of fans.


6 thoughts on “Whoopee

  1. Dude. I don’t know who made that page but I signed up, I think before me there were like 3 fan, but I am only one man and can do only so much. None were clearly relatives of yours – that’s a plus. You need a F.O.T.C. style Mel or something.

  2. Ahaha, sorry… that was me that made the Facebook page… if it angers you that much I can do away with it.

  3. Fine! I became a fan of your Facebook page. Who is going to chastise me for comments that are not deep enough to your liking now? Ah? Ah? I am not going to say more. No.

  4. First, you people are awesome. Second, Paige — you rule, and don’t do away with the page, because it’s fun to watch, in the same way that it’s fun to watch squirrels eat acorns. And Lena, keep on being the wonderful person that is you.

    Does that get me back on everyone’s good side?

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