Speaking of Wayne Coyne, the interview was for an upcoming issue of Spin magazine to promote Christmas on Mars, his insanely wacky — and just plain insane — debut as a movie director. If you’ve ever wanted to see Fred Armisen plaintively singing “Silent Night” just minutes after a marching band whose members all have vaginas for heads walk over a baby and crush it to death, then by all means go see this movie.

And speaking of Spin, its editors have graciously allowed me to conduct some full-page interviews with people I never thought I’d talk to. For the September issue, I yakked on the horn with the still very much bad-ass Ice Cube. Out this month, my interview with stripper-obsessed impresario T-Pain. And in December, they’ll print my conversation with Stone Temple Pilot Scott Weiland.

And to cap this very good day off — Obama even won Indiana! — this week’s newly published Time Out New York features my interview with Paul Rudd, who is more awesome than Joe Biden’s mother.

To celebrate all this good news — although after staying out until 3am last night, I probably don’t need any more of that — I am listening to my new favorite song by the Flaming Lips, which isn’t at all new, as you’ll no doubt see by this straight-outta-the-early-1990s video:

I’ve tried, but I am finding that it is impossible to be angry today!