Where’d I go? Even I have no idea.

I’ll try to kick it into gear by the end of the week. But starting next Monday I’m back to full-time blogging. You will call me Joh-Joh the Blogfaced Boy, though I’d prefer it if you didn’t.

In the meantime, buy the Cringe book, edited and compiled by Sarah Brown, an awesome lady with the good sense to have included three of my most embarrassing grade-school essays. If you’re in NYC and want to laugh at genuinely funny things, the book’s official launch reading takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 p.m. at the Housing Works Cafe.

Finally, self-promotion: Look for my interview with Ice Cube in the September issue of Spin, and here’s the Time Out interview I did with Anna Faris a few weeks back.

My trapezius is killing me!