Voices in My Head

It’s pretty pathetic that this here entry is only my 369th. I started this stillbirth of a blog in late November of 2003, which means we’re basically 52 months into this sucker. Do a little math and we’re talking an average of 7.1 posts per month. Clearly I should be averaging 20 or more.

Therefore: Time to make the doughnuts. I apologize to anyone who visited yesterday with the expectation that I was going to start up my “every weekday” blogging promise from a while back. Failure on every level!

Speaking of which, my website is currently not behaving properly and my Cro-Magnon brain can’t figure out why. Something is preventing the images to load. I’m thinking it’s the gremlins. It has to be the gremlins.

Jackhammer outside my apartment.