Post-Paint Boy

If you’re a commuter and you like music, you probably strap on your iPod or other music-listening device and crank out the jams as you weave through traffic or curse at the annoying douchebags who keep invading your personal space on the subway. Chances are, though, that you don’t keep a meticulous, ongoing tally of exactly what you listen on your way to work. My friend Greg does, and he is now describing in great detail his excellent OCD-ish habit on his new blog, which he has creatively titled What I Listened To On My Way To Work Today.

Greg, who I met my senior year of college and has been one of the few constants in my life ever since, has gotten me into more bands than any other person I can think of: Pavement (as described in my book), Uncle Tupelo, Big Star, Buffalo Tom, Silversun Pickups, Sonic Youth, to name just a few. And so his blog is everything that I would expect — part commentary on the (sometimes perplexing) songs that come up on his iPod as it randomly shuffles (jazz? Bright Eyes? WTF, Greg?), and part glimpse at the record collection of someone with far more diverse listening habits than most of us have. But overall it’s both funny and insightful — which is more than I can say for this sadsack blog.

By the way, I’m heading to Los Angeles on Sunday to read at the Vermin on the Mount series. Here’s the poster for the event:

Out of batteries for my microcassette recorder and I’m interviewing Kim Deal imminently!