Little Amps

To each and every one of the 250+ people who attended the big show at Don Pedro’s this past Saturday — THANK YOU. It was an amazing night that featured all of the following: Matthew Friedberger making up two hilarious songs with “lyrics” taken from my book; Doug Gillard fucking kicking it on guitar for a half hour; Times New Viking blowing the goddamn roof and floor off the place (seriously); my friend Cory blowing his shot at “Gold Star for Robot Boy” stardom while accompanying the Textbook Committee; and a ten-minute GBV sing-along while the PA was fixed. I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

If anyone has any photos or videos of the event, please e-mail me.

And oh yeah, if you live in Grand Rapids, please come out tonight to see me read and we’ll party at HopCat afterward.

Two-day hangover.