In Bloom

Here’s a second show I’d travel back in time to see:

Band: Nirvana
Date: 4/10/1990
Place: The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI
I eventually saw Nirvana in 1993, but that show was at a massive venue long after they had emerged from relative obscurity. On April 10, 1990, a Tuesday, I was sitting on my ass in my apartment in Ann Arbor, likely watching a rerun of The Dick Van Dyke Show or some crap like that. If I’d had any brains, I would have taken a ten-minute stroll over to the Blind Pig, a venue so small that you can’t help getting sweated on by the band. That band would have been Nirvana, a few months shy of Dave Grohl’s debut behind the drum kit and just weeks before the gang started to record Nevermind. Luckily someone took a video camera to the show. This clip, ending with a Kurt Cobain stage dive, only makes me more upset not to have attended:

It’s 65 degrees and I haven’t gotten outside yet.