Room a Thousand Years Wide

Okay, here are the rules: You are granted three travel vouchers. Each travel voucher is good for one trip back in time. The duration of each trip is exactly three hours. You can only travel to a time period that falls within your actual lifetime. You are unable to affect anything that happened; you are simply a fly on the wall at some historical event. This historical event has to be a musical performance of some kind. And it has to be one you could have reasonably attended at the time of the occurence — meaning, if you lived on a limited income or an allowance at the time, you wouldn’t have been able to fly to the U.K. to see your favorite band; if you were thirteen at the time, you’re not going to be able to convince your parents to let you go see a concert three hours away on a school night. Got it?

Here is one of the three shows I would travel back in time to see:

Band: U2
Date: 5/18/1981
Place: Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, MI
One of my biggest musical regrets is not seeing U2 at any point in the 1980s. As has been told time and time again, I snubbed an acquaintance (later a good friend and college roommate) when he asked if I wanted to drive three hours to attend the U2 show on April 30, 1987, at the Pontiac Silverdome outside Detroit. It would have been the first concert I ever saw. Ouch. But it would have been even more amazing to have seen this 1981 concert at a large church that was just a ten-minute drive from my house. Convincing my parents to take me to the show would have been easy — it was at a church! If only.

I’m tired of the word “caucus.”