Bright Paper Werewolves

Question: What do Sopranos actor Michael Imperoli and indie-rock legend Robert Pollard have in common? Answer: They’re both people who have never been in my kitchen. As fate would have it, they’re also both fans of Guided By Voices — and Imperioli will prove it to the art community this Sunday and Monday at Studio Dante, his small gallery in Manhattan, when he displays more than fifty of Pollard’s self-created album covers and other concoctions in a show punnily entitled “Do the Collage.” While Sunday is invitation-only, Monday is open to the public from noon to 10pm, and you know, I just might be there all day (quite possibly lying in the corner, appropriately drunk, under the original Under the Bushes Under the Stars album cover). See you there!

Now my left shoulder is killing me! Recurring tendonitis! Gah!