Odds and ends

I am listening to Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden’s best album (by far). It is going to be a good day.

You can now check me out on Facebook. According to this op-ed piece, I am one of those annoying, earnest, late-adopting “adults” who are ruining the site by taking its networking possibilities too seriously. She don’t know me very well, do she?

Robert Pollard’s dual albums Standard Gargoyle Decisions and Coast to Coast Carpet of Love are officially out now on Merge Records. I haven’t had a chance to listen to either all the way through yet, but what I’ve heard is at least as good as 2006’s From a Compound Eye, and maybe as good as anything he’s done in the 2000s. Or maybe that’s the Kool-Aid talking. Dunno.

Also out and exceedingly easy on the ears: the power-poppy The Jersey Bounce by my pals Farewell Captain, who rocked Chicago with me back in July with their set of indie-rock covers. Check it out, fools!

Against better judgment, I have ordered the box set of In Rainbows for 40 British pounds. What’s 90 bucks?

And finally, for the record, I hate the stoner slang words brosef and za. As in, “Brosef, we’ve got to get some za, pronto!” Please don’t use them around me. Thank you.

My car blew a tire yesterday on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. All I can say about the ordeal — during which I stood on the dangerously narrow shoulder as thousands of exalting rubberneckers cruised by and made “Look at that guy! Sucks to be him!” faces at me — is never let this happen to you.