Holy Crap! It’s The Sound of Young America

It is confirmed: I am awesome. If you need independent confirmation of this very true fact, you can listen to me on this week’s episode of The Sound of Young America, an iTunes-downloadable podcast and NPR show whose slogan is “A Public Radio Show About Things That Are Awesome.” The interview aired last Friday night on WHYY in Philadelphia; check your NPR station to see if they carry the show (which is undoubtedly even more interesting when I’m not appearing on it), or just download the podcast.

TSOYA is hosted by 26-year-old phenom Jesse Thorn, who, after the interview, sent me a free copy of SkyMaul, a hilarious parody by sketch comedy troupe Kasper Hauser of those silly catalogs you find on airplanes, the ones with pewter renderings of Frodo’s sword and unnecessary stuff you know you’re not going to buy for your dog. The interview was conducted in Jesse’s spic-and-span apartment in downtown Los Angeles back in July, and I sound like a babbling GBV-lovin’ gonad throughout. Enjoy!