Last weekend was all about Sebadoh. Yes, the original touring lineup of ‘doh — Lou Barlow, Eric Gaffney, and Jason Loewenstein — is back on the road for the first time since 1993, and I was compelled to check them out. Twice.

I’m not sure if it was something Barlow was smoking, or if it was due to Gaffney’s bitterness, or if it had something to do with Loewenstein’s frailty (he’s lost some weight; his pet pig probably outweighs him now), but a few favored songs were missing from their setlist selection. While I did get to hear “Homemade,” one of my favorite songs off Bubble & Scrape, and quite a few songs from Sebadoh III were played, Bakesale got the shaft. Okay, so I have a strong bias toward that album, which Gaffney doesn’t appear on, but come on — only four of the 25 or so songs played each night were Bakesale songs. That would be like Pavement re-forming and only playing a few songs off Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in favor of Terror Twilight. Overall, they’re worth checking out — if only to hear the Loewenstein gem “Got It.” Just be aware that they’re not going to play “Magnet’s Coil” no matter how loud you yell for it.

Thanks to both PFNO pal Frank and my new MySpace friend Ashley for sending me news of New Balance’s Joy Division sneakers. What’s next — an Ian Curtis sweater?

Did you read the story in The New York Times about the baffling continued popularity of professional wrestling the other day? I did, and I think this part gives me the best ammunition for the pronouncement I’ll make below:

Nigel Doughty, 26, an accountant from Manchester, England, explains why he and a friend each paid $1,400 for a platinum WrestleMania travel package.

“For a wrestling fan this is the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the World Series all in one,” he says. “We had to save up for 18 months to be able to get here, but from the first day I started watching years ago I was like, ‘One day I’ll make it to WrestleMania,’ so this is a lifelong dream come true.”

The pronouncement: People who like professional wrestling are more annoying than people who think that Michael Jackson isn’t a child molester.

The dream I had last night. If you happen to be attending my reading in Washington, D.C., this evening, you’ll hear all about it.