I am ashamed. In my rant about power trios, I forgot about Sleater-Kinney. And on the very day they announced to the world their intention to call it quits. Although I tried to like Sleater-Kinney early on, and I even saw them in 1998 at a small venue in Seattle with my friend Sauce, there is an annoying part of me that refused to embrace them until maybe 2003. But I am glad to have reversed my stand on them in time for their final run. This allowed me to greatly enjoy their show last September in London, where a particularly cute companion and I watched them light up a Camden venue and cause two (three?) fifty-something men of the corporate suit persuasion to rock out uncontrollably.

Sadly, I also forgot about these bands, both of which I have seen five times each:

Yo La Tengo

(I also forgot about Triumph, Green Day and the Flaming Lips, but I did that on purpose.)

And so, here is my revised top-ten list of power trios:

1. Rush
2. Dinosaur Jr.
3. Husker Du (can’t find the umlaut function on this damn PC at work!)
4. Nirvana
5. The Jam
6. Yo La Tengo
7. Sebadoh
8. Sleater-Kinney
9. Motorhead (curses! re: umlauts!)
10. The Police

I am currently listening to Van Halen’s Fair Warning album — and more specifically the opening track “Mean Streets” — at an unhealthy volume, so things are good. But how about this story? Don’t we have more pressing issues in NYC than the illegality of fortunetellers, especially those named Dorothy and Rose? Jeesh.