They say that March roars in like a lion, and, boy howdy, am I finding that to be true! I downed some chili last night which, in the wee hours (so called because men with enlarged prostates have to get out of bed to wee), must have turned into an evil presence. Today is not going to be a good day.

However, I did come up with a million dollar idea, and I’m curious as to why it’s not been done yet: a Pixar movie about the legend of Sasquatch. You read it here first, so when it gets made, please make sure you tell everyone and anyone that I got ripped off. Thanks!

It snowed five inches last night, and is supposed to snow more today and tomorrow. I see that “” is predicting the temperature to stay firmly in the 20s and 30s through next Wednesday, which is just way too long. (FYI: It’s a waning gibbous moon.) Sadly, the groundhog is going to be right, that bastard — six more weeks of winter from February 2. But I suspect it’s going to keep on coming on, and we’re going to hit April in a deep freeze. Why don’t I live in Arizona?