I am a stupid, stupid guy. Every other website in the world seems to be able to incorporate photos on its pages, but I have to make do with links. I’d also like to create a “Song of the Day” motif somewhere on the page that I can update using the Blogger tool function. But I just don’t know how to design it. In the great scheme of things, though, maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not an HTML wizard.

By the way, the song of the day is Pavement’s “From Now On” (from the aptly named 1991 EP Perfect Sound Forever), which might be the only song ever to feature a singer yelling the word “nevertheless,” or as Rick James would spell it: nether the less. I say “might” there because I actually can’t figure out what Malkmus is mumbling.


I forgot to put out another all-points bulletin to kick this guy in the groin. Yesterday, Matthew Lesko, the most ridiculous person ever to appear in an infomercial, which is saying quite a lot, gave a lecture, probably while wearing the question mark suit, right here in New York City, at the Borders in lower Manhattan. If you see him and have a camera available, please take a photo of you kicking him in the nuts and send it over to me. Bonus points if he’s throwing up or making an “oof!” face. Thank you.