Apparently many people heard the John Batchelor interview last night and the fallout has confirmed, once again, my rationale for why Angry John Sellers should avoid politics wherever possible. First of all, there are a lot of nutjobs out there just dying to give you their two cents’ about life, love and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s unwillingness to be a “proper lady.” Second, most of these nutjobs are conservative or ultraconservative or suprafuckinginsaneconservative (see the comments box from yesterday), and I want as little “me” time with them as possible. And lastly, I don’t like to talk politics very often because no one needs another passive-aggressive white liberal in Brooklyn complaining about the state America is in. But since tonight is the first presidential debate, I will enter the fray and ask two questions I hope the candidates answer. For John Kerry: Why do you look so much like the talking tree thing from the Lord of the Rings movies? For George Bush: Will you accept my challenge of a thumb war, the winner taking the Halliburton profits from Iraq? I could probably buy my own domain name with that, and let’s face it, I’d kick your bony, entitled, Cheney-humping ass any day of the year.


Actually, it’s been said today by one extreme visitor that I’m not angry at all. In fact, I am “one happy MF.” May I submit that everyone is angry in his or her own way? Some people choose to get angry over the fact that “muslims rule the third largest city” in Denmark. I choose to get mad because my coffee got cold before I could really get into it. Okay, maybe I should change the name of this blog to Grumpy Old Man Sellers, but that would take too much effort, even for a perky guy like me.