I walked by Mango Fusion Thai last night. Sigh. While I would certainly never set foot in there — too mangoey, too fusion-y — I felt sad that yet again no one was taking them up on their offer of East-meets-West cuisine. What a chump I am, getting caught up in the sentimental side of consumerism! But if someone would just tell them to change their name from Mango Fusion Thai to something as creative as the food they’re peddling (e.g. Mango Fusion Thai Is Unstoppable; Mango to Bangkok And Come Back with Persistent Itch), I’m sure it would be packed in no time. A little brighter lighting might help, too. I know, I know, it’s exactly like that episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry tried to coach Babu on how to attract customers. But I know better than to get involved. Who wants some foreign dude yelling “you a bad man! you a very, very bad man!” at you when all hell breaks loose? Thus begins the MFT deathwatch. Updates to follow.


Forgot to charge my cordless!