I’m scaring me. Due to me being a wuss about routine heart palpatations I had at the end of last year, I decided that an interesting and potentially healthy experiment for 2003 would be to document exactly how many alcoholic beverages I can put away in a calendar year. At the time, I thought it might help me to control my intake, but very quickly it turned into a series of dares. I’ve put up some rather impressive numbers, of which I should be ashamed. But 2003 has also give me some of the best times I’ve had in my life: a free trip to Miami with Kentucky Jones where we drank a six pack of Presidente in a half hour; tens of hours playing Halo for the umpteenth time with Noodles in Ann Arbor; Budweisers on the beach in Puerto Rico with everywhere and nowhere to go.

I vow to scale back in 2004. Of course, we get that darn extra day in February. That might cause some problems.


I just saw the UPS guy pick his nose.


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