Just Asking: The Voice

Sports Illustrated, 2002sithevoice1

Henry Kalas, 65, has been an announcer for the Phillies for 30 years and has narrated videos for NFL Films since 1975.

What does your answering machine message sound like?
It’s kind of plain vanilla. However, people have asked me to do their answering machines for them. I’ve done a few. For example: “Hi. John’s not here now. He’s on a looooong driiive! He’s outta here! He’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

If I asked nicely, would you narrate as I eat a chalupa?
Of course. “John Sellers, sitting down for his meal of a chalupa, reaches down, picks it up. Oh no, chalupa on his brand new shirt. But this does not deter John. He goes right back after the chalupa…

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