Tough Questions for… Wayne Coyne
December, 2008
Flaming Lips frontman fields queries on his band’s confetti budget, working at Long John Silver’s, and his new film, Christmas on Mars.

The Inquisition: Scott Weiland
November, 2008
From STP to Velvet Revolver to his new solo album, Weiland has mastered the art of living on the edge.

The Inquisition: T-Pain
October, 2008
In 2005, Faheem Najm (a.k.a. T-Pain) descended on the scene armed with a quavering robo-tenor, audacious top hats, and an endless supply of lyrics about strippers.

Sticking To Their Guns
June, 2004
With an upcoming onslaught of first-person shooters, including the hotly anticipated Halo 2 and Doom 3, the controversial videogame genre is back– and bloodier than ever. But is it only a matter of time before this ultraviolent entertainment comes under fire again?

Young, Gifted & Black
October, 2003
Jack Black gets in touch with his inner child in School of Rock.

Gaming 2002: A Road Map to the Titles Guaranteed to Get Your Motor Running
January, 2002
Grand Theft Auto III redefined the way people thought about games, and inspired a massive following. How much is riding on its sequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Only the fate of the entire industry.