Top 10 Guy Films You’ve Never Seen: Safe Men


GQ, 2008

Few films have failed quite as majestically as Safe Men.

Here, the team behind the cult film explains how so many soon-to-be-famous actors came to be in the movie and how something so good went so ignored.

FIERSTEIN: I’d say, “Where’s my trailer?” And they’d unfold my chair. My trailer was literally a brown metal folding chair.

GIAMATTI: I really wanted a perm, one of those James-Caan-in-the-70s perms.¬† And they didn’t have enough¬† money. So they teased my hair.

HAMBURG: It was in theaters for two weeks. It made, like, $50,000.

ZAHN: That’s awesome. That’s what a bait store takes in in a week.

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