Gaming 2002


SPIN, 2002

A Road Map to the Titles Guaranteed to Get Your Motor Running

Grand Theft Auto III redefined the way people thought about games, and gained a massive following. How much is riding on its sequel, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Only the fate of the entire industry.

Anyone seeking to explain the surprising success of Grand Theft Auto III, the genre-busting, jack ’em, smack ’em action-driving hybrid, should ignore the lightning-quick rendering technology, the zillion polygons per millimeter, the four jillion frames per second. It all boils down to the simple fact that you can Uzi the crud out of goons and gang bangers while cooling out the glorious strains of Verdi’s “La Donna è Mobile.” Talk about crossover appeal: Finally, there’s a game even Pavarotti fans can embrace.

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