Let’s Get This (Cuddle) Party Started!

gqcuddlepartyGQ, 2004

New York’s cool kids are dropping sex for…snuggling.

GQ asks 36-year-old former comic book artist REiD Mihalko to cohost a cuddle party with my play-by-play reporting.

2:07 PM: The cuddling officially commences- at least among the others. I hit the food table and ram shitloads of grapes into my mouth

3:00 PM: I persuade myself to join the mass of flesh and jammies wriggling about on my floor. I quickly get commandeered into a “cuddle toboggan,” where I am “sledding” to intimacy with four others, including a dude who may or may not be touching me. I scrawl in my notebook I WANT TO DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS.

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