The Spontaneous Weekend: Minneapolis
June, 2008
A look at one of the most vibrant, art-saturated, and forward-thinking cities the Midwest has to offer.

Top Ten Best Guy Films You’ve Never Seen
January, 2008
John Sellers nominates
Safe Men.

The Spontaneous Weekend: Austin, Texas
March, 2007
Cheap barbecue, cheaper beer, nonstop live music, and just about the coolest hotel in the States.

Let Us Now Praise The Biggest Movie Dicks
August, 2006
From “Back to School” to “Wedding Crashers,” the smug jerk is a staple of any classic guy movie.

Let’s Get This (Cuddle) Party Started!
September, 2004
New York’s cool kids are dropping sex for…snuggling.

Woman on our Mind: Kate Bosworth
May, 2002
Interview with Kate Bosworth.