If We Ran TV

ewifwerantvcoverEntertainment Weekly, 1999

Enter a dimension of sight (the omnipresent HEATHER LOCKLEAR) and sound (would you believe a sitcom starring a talking motorcycle?) as EW takes a whack at grooving up the tube.

In the ever-changing world of TV, three things are certain: a cranky Andy Rooney. A shirtless thug on Cops. And a lame sitcom every half hour on NBC’s Thursday Night. Wait, we forgot a few others: Yasmine Bleeth movies-of-the-week. Murders being diagnosed. Angels being touched. Let’s just say that if we were running the joint, things would be a lot different. We’re talking cool sitcoms from Ben Stiller. A ban on generic series titles. A Star Trek franchise that we can actually live long and prosper with. And most important, we’d have Heather Locklear on every network. No, make that every show.

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