Entertainment Weekly


Arcade game inspires the Strokes
May, 2004
When lead singer Julian Casablancas saw the ”Centipede” image while at Drew Barrymore’s house, he thought it’d make great cover art for ”Reptilia”

James Woods prepares for his role as NYC’s ex-Mayor
March, 2003
The star of ”Rudy” combs over politics to play the polarizing Giuliani

Working The ‘Beat’
July, 2002
An EW Reporter Documents His Trivial Pursuit of Glory on ‘Beat the Geeks’

Olympic Medals We’d Like To See
March, 2002
From best cameo by dinosaurs to worst extended metaphor.

Playing With ‘Fire’
March, 2002
The Sci Fi Channel Carries the Stephen King Torch With a Sequel to ‘Firestarter’

Equal ‘Justice’?
November, 2001
Cartoon Network Tries to Continue the ‘Super Friends’ Legacy with ‘Justice League’

Cartoon Network’s new ”Justice League”
November, 2001
How does it compare to the classic ”Super Friends”?

Elwes Sightings
November, 2001
The ‘Princess Bride’ Dreamboat Materializes on ‘The X-Files’

Wild About Larry
September, 2001
Three’s Company’ Lothario Richard Kline Returns to TV With NBC’s ‘Inside Schwartz

”Three’s Company”‘s Larry returns to TV
September, 2001
EW talks to Richard Kline about his role on NBC’s ”Inside Schwartz”

Jerry Seinfeld goes back to his comic roots
April, 2000
EW tells you what the TV great is up to these days

If We Ran TV
October, 1999
Article featuring Heather Locklear that attempts to answer the question, “What would we do if we ran tv?”