Is it me, or are television executives dumb as hell? What’s prompting this all-too-frequent thought today is HBO’s head-scratching decision to pair Curb Your Enthusiasm with Sex and the City. Sure, on paper, airing Curb after HBO’s most popular sitcom looks like good horse sense. The more people watching, the better, right? But it’s sort of like feeding caviar to rubes in Appalachia—very few of those Sex and the City folks are going to truly appreciate a show that never involves candy-apple martinis, whatever Bagley Mishka is or improbable hook-ups involving a horse-faced woman named Carrie. But I’m sidestepping the real problem: Curb Your Enthusiasm airs opposite Arrested Development, a show that appeals to the exact same demographic. The same thing happened in my neighborhood recently, when some retard opened a Thai restaurant one block away from a long-standing Thai restaurant, instead of just staking out another area that needs one, or realizing that this neighborhood clearly needs a Mexican restaurant, not a Thai restaurant. The bastard. Anyway, HBO should move Curb to the wasteland of Mondays, when there is absolutely nothing worth watching on television. I have spoken.


I forgot to bring tissues with me when I went out to run errands, and it was all I could do to keep my nose from turning into the Niagara Falls.